Don't Split The Vote!

Why Vote PPC?

A popular argument against supporting the PPC is that doing so will split the vote.


Three points to consider:


1. Conservatives should stand for conservative principles.

If Conservatives don't uphold conservative principles it's reasonable to question what they stand for and whether it makes sense to continue supporting them. It also makes sense to ask why anyone would want to replace the current government with another one that carries on in the same way. After all, what is conservative about abandoning fiscal responsibility, handing over national sovereignty to foreign powers, and funnelling money to big business through crony capitalism?

 If the Conservative Party desperately wants to achieve power at any cost, is a Conservative Party victory really better than a Liberal one?


2. Established Canadian political parties are not entitled to your vote.

Not one of the prevailing parties owns your vote. Canadians should not be compelled to perpetuate long-standing parties simply because that is how it has always been done. This is particularly true as the prevailing parties ignore  issues of national importance and entrench themselves in bureaucratic pandering and corruption. Why vote for representatives who don't concern themselves everyday Canadians? Canadians want to be properly represented, not ruled by disinterested elites.


3. Canadians should have options.

Many Canadians don't vote because it seems there is no option for them. The PPC was formed to fill this gap and provide representation to everyday Canadians who are tired of the elitist, self-serving political landscape in this country. Until now, Canadians did not have a party that truly addressed concerns like expanding immigration policies, increasing taxation, and government corruption.


So Why Vote for the PPC?

  • To effect a smaller and more fiscally responsible government.

  • To eliminate crony capitalism, government hand-outs, and insider corruption.

  • To honour our veterans who make great sacrifices to maintain our freedom.

  • To lower government taxes and reduce regulations.

  • To maintain our national sovereignty and not sacrifice Canadian interests.

  • To uphold responsible immigration policies that don't outpace Canadian resources.





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