Our PPC LKM Candidate: Bria Atkins


Bria Atkins was born and raised in the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex riding. She is a graduate of York University with a Bachelors in Kinesiology & Psychology. She spent 15 years working in public service as a Kinesiologist in the field of physical rehabilitation and geriatric physiotherapy.

In 2014, Bria became an Ontario Certified Teacher and continues to work as an elementary educator in her local public school board. Additionally, she and her husband have developed several small businesses in their hometown of Dresden, Ontario.

Bria is running as a candidate because of her growing concern with Canadian governance. As a tax-payer committed to the future of this country, she joined the PPC movement in an effort to give a voice back to Canadians who feel left out of the conversation. Bria is not a traditional politician, but she strives to stand as a new voice for Freedom, Fairness, Responsibility, and Respect.

What does Bria stand for?

  • Smaller and more effective government and lower taxes
  • Uniting all Canadian's through a shared love of Western values
  • Fiscal Responsibility--Eliminating government debt dependence
  • Supporting our military & honouring veterans who make great sacrifices to keep Canada safe and free
  • Upholding Free Speech and civilized debate
  • Supporting law-abiding firearms owners
  • Reducing taxes, regulations, and fees for net producers like farmers and businesses
  • Ending corruption in established government
  • Maintaining a responsible approach to immigration and preserving Canadian sovereignty

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